31 January 2021

An insight into the HSE Commercial Diver Qualification

This week Mark Culwick has gained yet another diving qualification to add to his already impressive collection! It's the sign of a great teacher (and a glutton for punishment!) to continue their learning journey well beyond the point that most people would have considered them experts in their field, but for Mark the new skills and experiences gained from becoming a student just help make him a better instructor.

Here Mark gives an insight into his recent experiences training for the HSE Commercial Diver qualification:

HSE Commercial Diver

"The end of an absolutely fantastic and testing few weeks!

Absolutely chuffed to have completed my HSE Pro Scuba course with Bristol Channel Diving Ltd. Huge thanks to Neil and his team: Tony (Supervisor), Tim (Safety Diver), Imogen and Poppy (course support) for pulling out all the stops to make the course so interesting and smoothly run in these challenging times. Nothing was too much trouble and Neil’s knowledge of commercial and media diving was expansive and interesting to say the least (and he doesn’t miss a trick)!

The course incorporated Statutory instruments, HSE ACOPS, US Navy Dive Tables and a plethora of diving techniques such as FFM’s, in water communications, rescue, recompression chamber use, compressor systems and tending to name a few, all done in crazy weather: snow, ice, gales, hail, torrential rain, sub zero and sunny periods!

The other guys on the course came from both the UK and around the world (California, Florida, Sydney) and mostly all with backgrounds in media. They were all friendly and their stories from natural history film making from everywhere around the globe was interesting and inspiring, they all had a real passion for it (Think Big Cat Diaries et al, just a tad jealous)!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Neil and his team from Bristol Channel Diving Limited if you were interested in this type of training!"

HSE Commercial Diver

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