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Starting your dive journey with equipment that introduces good habits from the very beginning will build a foundation that, with only minor configurations changes, will take you far beyond entry-level recreational diving and potentially to the field of technical diving.

It is often said that you should "say what you do and do what you say!" - and when selecting scuba diving equipment this maxim is certainly true. At ScubaQuest, students are trained in equipment that is supplied by industry leading suppliers and equipment you find the ScubaQuest team using when they dive.

Our ethos is to train our student divers in equipment we would be happy to dive in, in fact, trust our lives with.

By utilising modern equipment we believe it is possible to enhance the teaching experience for the student and produce, at the end of the day, more accomplished and skilful divers.

Diving in the UK is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. If you are a warm water diver you will know that the local conditions mean that thermal protection is important - very important!

What equipment will I use in my training?

At ScubaQuest we realise that the experience of training in a cold water environment can be a little worrying to students, so we make sure you have some of the best equipment available for recreational diving.

For this reason, we train our students in new, Trilaminate drysuits manufactured by Azdry.

Trilaminate drysuits manufactured by Azdry used by ScubaQuest

It gets cold in the quarry, so you need to be sure you'll stay nice and warm when you're training.

The underlayers we provide our students are produced by Fourth Element, who are recognised as a world-leading manufacturer of thermal protection by the diving community.

Fourth Element thermal protection
Fourth Element thermal protection
Fourth Element thermal protection
APEKS XL4 regulators


The regulators we use are the XL4 system from Apeks.

These regulators are cold water rated and lightweight, making them ideal for travel, with excellent breathing characteristics at all recreational depths.

The regulators are set up in the "long hose" configuration, which is quickly becoming established as the dominant regulator configuration.


Buoyancy is controlled using the Apeks WTX D30 wings with stainless steel backplates and adjustable harnesses.

This is an outstanding system, fully modular, which delivers an ideal fit, independent of the student being trained.

Apeks WTX D30 wings
Dive Computer Suunto Eon Core

Dive Computer

A dive computer once deemed a luxury purchase, is today deemed essential for diver safety.

ScubaQuest issue every student with the versatile and reassuringly ‘expensive’ Suunto Eon Core dive computer.

These computers are state of the art, the product of many years of development and testing, easy to configure and interpret, and are capable of delivering functionality beyond anything a recreational diver will ever need.

Additional equipment used during training

Where not already included in the course pricing, additional recreational and technical equipment can be supplied. 

Any additional equipment supplied will attract a supplement over and above the advertised course price.  This should be discussed with your instructor at the time of the course booking.

ScubaQuest has a whole range of technical diving equipment including:

  • 10/12 litre cylinders
  • Complete twinsets
  • Stage systems
  • APD Inspiration Vision 2020 Rebreather
  • APD Inspiration Evolution Rebreather
  • Scubaforce SF2 Rebreather
  • iQsub XCCR Rebreather
Diving Cylinders

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

We also have Suex and Bonex DPV’s that are available in the delivery of associated courses.

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