The ScubaQuest Dive Centre

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A key part of what makes learning to dive with ScubaQuest so much better than the other options is the fact that we have our very own Dive Centre facility on site at Chepstow’s National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC).

ScubaQuest is the ONLY Dive Centre EXCLUSIVELY based at the NDAC.

ScubaQuest Unit Front
ScubaQuest Unit Side

Inside, you’ll find the Reception and Office areas, where you’ll be able to meet and chat with the team and other divers.

ScubaQuest Reception area
Inside ScubaQuest

Beyond that, we have two multi-media classrooms where you will learn all about the theory behind your course, carry out your dive planning and maybe sit those tests that dive organisations want you to do in order to gain that new qualification!

ScubaQuest Training Room

The kit room finishes off the Dive Centre, and here you will find the high quality equipment that also helps to set ScubaQuest apart from the competition.

The Dive Centre is also where our partners can often be find when they are running medicals or specialist courses at NDAC.

Dive Medical ScubaQuest
Dive Medicine with Hyperdive