Recreational Scuba Diving Courses

ScubaQuest's recreational scuba diving courses are from our Start Diving and Speciality Diving categories.

Open Water Diver (PADI/SDI) & Dry Suit Speciality

The Open Water Diver course with Drysuit Speciality teaches you the foundational knowledge and skills you need to dive with a buddy, independent of supervision anywhere in the world, to a maximum of 18 meters, limited to 12 meters for Junior divers aged between 10 – 14 years old. Earning your Open Water Diver certification […]

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Open Water Diver (PADI/SDI)

The Open Water Diver course teaches you the foundational knowledge and skills you need to dive with a buddy, independent of supervision anywhere in the world, to a maximum of 18 meters, limited to 12 meters for Junior divers aged between 10 – 14 years old. Earning your Open Water Diver certification is the beginning […]

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Open Water Scuba Referral (PADI/SDI)

Learning to scuba dive has never been more convenient! So you want to learn to dive but would prefer to do the course somewhere warmer than the UK. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend days of your holiday completing the theory and confined water portions of the course. ScubaQuest has the perfect […]

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Scuba Review (PADI/SDI)

SDI Inactive Diver / PADI ReActivate Diver Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? Update your dive skills and knowledge with a quick scuba refresher from the Open Water diver course before jumping back into the water. The SDI Inactive Diver or PADI ReActivate programmes are the perfect way to update your dive knowledge and […]

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Try Dive

Have you ever thought about scuba diving to see what it’s like? The ScubaQuest ‘Try Dive’ experience is a great way to find out. Using all the equipment you would use as a qualified diver, it is an easy and relaxed introduction to scuba diving and the underwater world, letting you try it for yourself, […]

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Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI) / Advanced Adventure Diver (SDI)

Once you have qualified as an Open Water diver you will have the skills necessary to dive safely, however, you may now want to explore special diving interests and gain experience. In Open Water, you learned the basics of how to scuba dive. The Advanced Adventure/Open Water programme enhances your skills and allows you to […]

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Computer Nitrox Diver (SDI) / Enriched Air Diver (PADI)

Diving with enriched air nitrox (EANx) is one of the most popular SDI & PADI specialities. The principle behind this programme is that it enables you to safely extend your no-stop time beyond the no-decompression limits for air at a given depth. Enriched air used conservatively can also reduce the risk of decompression sickness. So, […]

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Deep Diver (SDI) / Deep Speciality (PADI)

Why dive deep? Maybe it’s a wreck that attracts you that’s just below 30 metres, or a giant fan or a sponge on a wall reef.  Whatever the reason, to scuba dive safely, with confidence at depths down to 40 metres you require additional knowledge and skills that are provided in the SDI and PADI […]

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Wreck Diver (SDI) / Wreck Speciality (PADI)

Wrecks are where past and present meet and are fascinating for divers to explore. Whether they are lost in war and steeped in history, lost in accidents or purposely sunk, the call of a wreck is nearly irresistible to divers.  Wrecks offer amazing opportunities and rewards for divers while often having the added bonus of […]

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Dry Suit Diver (SDI) / Dry Suit Speciality (PADI)

Do you only dive through the summer months? UK waters have some of the best diving, and most divers like the opportunity to dive all year round, however, the winter and spring water temperatures are often off-putting for those who dive in a wetsuit. If you want to stay warm and toasty when diving and […]

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Underwater Navigation (SDI) / Navigation Speciality (PADI)

Underwater navigation allows divers to make their way back to a special spot discovered on an earlier dive. They use the tricks and techniques of navigation to find an ideal exit point at the end of a dive without the need for an uncomfortable surface swim. When everyone’s buzzing about a reef or checking out […]

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Advanced Buoyancy Control (SDI) / Peak Performance Buoyancy (PADI)

Many divers master their buoyancy skills the long and hard way – wasting valuable dive time, often over or incorrectly weighted and then using up more air than is required trying to control their buoyancy and trim, which limits their underwater time. The SDI Advanced Buoyancy Control/PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver Speciality will teach you […]

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Night-Limited Visibility Diver (SDI) / Night Diver (PADI)

As the sun sets, you don your dive gear, slip on your mask and bite down on your regulator. A deep breath and you step off the boat – and into the underwater night. Although you’ve seen this reef many times before, this time you drop into a whole new world and watch it come […]

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Search & Recovery Diver (SDI)

You drop under the water on a mission to find lost sunken treasure… ok, not really. However, the Search and Recovery course can be a useful program to search for marks ‘unidentified wrecks,’ to cover ground, to seek dropped equipment or to lift that porthole that you have found, one person’s trash is another person’s […]

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Solo Diver (SDI)

At one point or another, many divers have found themselves alone during a dive, whether it was intentional or not. SDI’s Solo Diving is the practice of self reliant scuba diving without a dive buddy. Solo diving, once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and […]

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Rescue Diver (SDI / PADI)

The SDI and PADI Rescue Diver programmes are a pivotal step in expanding your knowledge and experience. You will learn to look beyond yourself and to consider the safety and well being of other divers. You will learn how to recognize and prevent a diving accident, assess risk and how to respond if an accident […]

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The recreational diver training, provided by ScubaQuest, will certify students to the recognised international standards provided by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) & Scuba Diving International (SDI).

ScubaQuest is a SDI/TDI 5 Star Professional Development Centre.

ScubaQuest SDI & TDI 5 Star Professional Development Centre
Scuba Diving International (SDI)

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