Speciality Scuba Diving Courses

Once you’ve qualified as an Open Water diver, you will want to further develop your skills. Below are the speciality scuba diving courses that we offer for recreational divers.

All of the ScubaQuest recreational diving courses are delivered utilising SDI & PADI online e-learning theory packages. Experience has shown that the majority of students find this approach is better suited to their individual learning needs being more flexible, easier to align with their available time and the pace of their learning.

The e-learning packages are specifically developed to track progress and allow your instructor to identify areas for further discussion during the classroom reviews before the practical elements of the course begin.

Traditional classroom-based theory is also offered when e-learning is not possible or suitable. Please discuss these options with your instructor at the time of booking.

ScubaQuest Speciality Diving Courses


Advanced Adventure Diver (SDI) / Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI)

Enhance your skills , continue your diving education and learn various underwater tasks that will broaden your capabilities as a diver.
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Computer Nitrox Diver (SDI) / Enriched Air Diver (PADI)

Diving with enriched air nitrox (EANx) enables you to safely extend your no-stop time beyond the no-decompression limits for air at a given depth.
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Deep Diver (SDI) / Deep Speciality (PADI)

The SDI / PADI Deep Diver Speciality will allow you to dive to a maximum depth of 40 meters, the maximum depth for Recreational Divers.
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Wreck Diver (SDI) / Wreck Speciality (PADI)

Learn and practice the skills and knowledge that are vital for safe wreck diving along with the additional skills to enable you to safely penetrate a wreck should you so wish.
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Diver Starfish Okay

Dry Suit Diver (SDI) / Dry Suit Speciality (PADI)

The SDI/PADI DrySuit Speciality course is designed to help you develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for safe dry suit diving.
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Underwater Navigation (SDI) / Navigation Speciality (PADI)

Underwater navigation allows divers to make their way back to a special spot discovered on an earlier dive. Using the techniques of navigation, divers can find an ideal exit point without a long surface swim.
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Advanced Buoyancy Control (SDI) / Peak Performance Buoyancy (PADI)

This Diver Speciality teaches the skills and knowledge needed to progress and master buoyancy past the level of Open Water Diver.
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Night-Limited Visibility Diver (SDI) / Night Diver (PADI)

The adventure, thrill and excitement of night diving can be yours when you complete your Night Diver Specialty course with ScubaQuest.
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Search & Recovery Diver (SDI)

The Search & Recovery Diver specialty is designed to acquaint the diver with the special skills and techniques necessary to successfully plan, execute and evaluate a search and recovery dive.
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Solo Diver (SDI)

The Solo Diver course is the perfect training for underwater photography and underwater video divers as well as those diving with their children or buddies that may not be very experienced in scuba diving.
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Rescue Diver (SDI / PADI)

The Rescue Diver course is designed to build an understanding of typical rescue situations and provide you with the necessary skills to execute an effective rescue without putting yourself at risk.
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The specialist recreational diver training, provided by ScubaQuest, will certify students to the recognised international standards provided by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) & Scuba Diving International (SDI)..

ScubaQuest is a SDI/TDI 5 Star Professional Development Centre.

ScubaQuest SDI & TDI 5 Star Professional Development Centre
Scuba Diving International (SDI)

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