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Lots of people fly but very few are fast jet pilots. Many people dive, but again, very few venture into the world of technical diving. Whether your want is deep wreck diving, deep wildlife diving, cave/cavern or mine diving, open circuit or closed circuit rebreathers, invariably depth will become a consideration as will the associated planning needed to undertake this type of diving.

Here at ScubaQuest our approach to teaching technical diving is one where we organise courses to fit with their schedule so that they get the most out of the course. In technical diving the learning experience is greatly enhanced when a team of students can be coordinated. Taking this into account there is always a discussion with our students to ensure there is a good fit with their own schedule and getting the most from the course.

All of the ScubaQuest technical diving courses are delivered utilising TDI online e-learning theory packages. Experience has shown that the majority of students find this approach is better suited to their individual learning needs being more flexible, easier to align with their available time and the pace of their learning.

The e-learning packages are specifically developed to track progress and allow your instructor to identify areas for further discussion during the classroom reviews before the practical elements of the course begin. Traditional classroom based theory is also offered when e-learning is not possible or suitable. Please discuss these options with your instructor at the time of booking.

If you are interested in technical diving then check out the courses we offer and please get in touch for a discussion. We are sure we can meet your expectations and deliver an experience which match your ambitions and allow you to reach your next diving goals.

Note: All technical courses are assessed on the basis of student performance. For the relevant Standards & Procedures, please see the individual course pages, linked via the buttons above.

ScubaQuest is the ONLY Dive Centre EXCLUSIVELY based at The National Diving & Activity Centre.

Technical Diving Courses

Note: ScubaQuest does not currently offer TDI Overhead or TDI Service training courses.

ScubaQuest follow both TDI Standards and Procedures and Rebreather Education Safety Association (RESA) Standards to ensure our Closed Circuit Rebreather courses are as comprehensive and safe as possible.

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