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Wrecks are where past and present meet and are fascinating to explore. Whether they are lost in war and steeped in history, lost in accidents or purposely sunk, the call of a wreck is nearly irresistible to divers.  They offer amazing opportunities and rewards for divers while often having the added bonus of teeming with marine life.  However, while there are often incredible things to see on the outside of the wreck, some of the most amazing sites for divers are inside the wreck.

While you may have undertaken the wreck adventure dive as part of your Advanced Adventure or Advanced Open Water programme and learned about the hazards and safety techniques of wreck diving, you won’t be able to penetrate the wreck.  

Through the PADI SDI Wreck Diver Specialty course you will learn and practice the skills and knowledge that is vital for safe wreck diving along with the additional skills to enable you to safely penetrate a wreck should you so wish.

Initial theory will be undertaken online at the student’s convenience, with review and consolidation in the ScubaQuest Dive Centre in The National Diving & Activity Centre when you attend for the course.

When the course is scheduled to run at a coastal location such as Plymouth or Weymouth, it may be necessary to transfer to NDAC at short notice due to the unpredictable nature of British weather.

Wreck dives for courses held at a coastal location, such as Plymouth or Weymouth, are undertaken from a Charter boat –  Please note that boat fees are not included in the course cost.  Further information can be provided at the time of booking.

ScubaQuest is the ONLY Dive Centre EXCLUSIVELY based in The National Diving & Activity Centre.

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