TDI Introduction to Technical Diving

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Mark Culwick Scuba Diver

During the past few years there has been an explosion in interest in the field of technical diving. Have you ever wondered why people jump into the water with so much complicated looking kit? Why do they do it? Where are they going? How do they manage it?

Well the objective of this course is to answer these questions, to give students an opportunity to familiarise themselves with technical equipment configurations that could, with the right guidance, get them comfortable in unfamiliar equipment and stop them from making expensive mistakes when it comes to equipment purchase and future-proofing themselves dependent on where they may see their technical diving journey going.

The course will also expand on the key skills learned on introductory level diving courses such as breathing, buoyancy control, trim, propulsion techniques and situational awareness. Finally the course introduces the student to advanced gas planning techniques within the no stop diving context.

The course is excellent preparation for the next phase of training if the student chooses to progress to courses that involve decompression procedures techniques. However, this course can also be used from an experiential perspective with the added bonus of continuing to dive in the no stop range, in a planned way with multiple tanks and with an excess of gas, which of course is never a bad thing.

Qualification Depth:
No depth rating earned – experience programme only.

Completion with participation.

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